Application Performance

No one likes poorly performing applications. Research shows that 61% of consumers will switch companies because of customer experience issues. F5 can help.

Why Application Performance Matters

We all know it: poor performance impacts the customer experience. In fact, it only takes a few bad experiences for customers to leave. Keeping applications running fast and reliably is a minimum requirement for doing business in today’s digital world. In a recent Salesforce study, 61% of consumers switched to a competitor that delivered a better experience.1 Performance matters.

1Salesforce Research, State of the Connected Customer, Second Edition


How F5 Can Help

Milliseconds really do make the difference. F5 accelerates your applications and APIs to meet the most demanding customer expectations at scale.  By switching to F5, a major credit card provider consistently reduced response times from 500 to 10 milliseconds.

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Accelerate Application Performance

Increase site speeds for a better user experience

Improve your overall site speed and reduce your page load time. With F5, you can combine load balancing, intelligent compression, traffic optimization, rate shaping, caching, and SSL acceleration into a single solution–and deploy it on-prem or in the cloud.

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Optimize App Performance

Inspect application traffic as it happens and increase performance 

Bandwidth, bottlenecks, and traffic blocking issues are not always easy to see before they become bigger problems. With F5 solutions, you can visualize and analyze your traffic as it’s happening. Troubleshoot efficiently and make changes faster with F5.

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Optimize and Manage API Performance

Manage API performance for peak performance and unparalleled speed

Deliver high‑performance management and processing of API traffic. Define APIs once, publish anywhere, and document them in a developer portal. Shape, route, and protect API traffic while centrally authenticating and authorizing users.

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2022 State of Application Strategy Report

With 84% of organizations planning to move to the edge, apps are more distributed than ever. But are you keeping up with the evolution of the edge and the opportunities emerging as a result? 



10 Tips for 10x the Application Performance

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F5 Principles for Optimizing App Performance in the Cloud

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Continuous API Management by O’Reilly

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