Load Balancing Your Applications

Keep your applications running at peak performance with intelligent and programmable application traffic management.

Why Intelligent Load Balancing Matters

Traditional ways of load balancing are not well suited for today’s application complexity. As organizations increasingly automate application deployments, they need fast and intelligent load balancing that can do more than handle external client connections.

Greater Cost Control

Scale your applications for the right reasons and reign in those hidden cloud costs. F5 offers intelligent and customizable load balancing policies to inspect and route customers to available resources freeing up busy sites and systems. F5 can help you distribute customer traffic efficiently so DevOps teams can focus on deployments instead of cloud overages.

Simplified Load Balancing Across Clouds

F5 provides highly available, intelligent load balancing and traffic policy management across your preferred cloud providers. If you have thousands of apps distributed everywhere or highly complex multi-cloud enterprise applications, F5 simplifies the traffic and load balancing decisions with powerful policy-driven templates used by the most demanding applications available today.

Detailed Insights Into App Traffic

Stream live telemetry and gain unique traffic insights to how your applications performance and more importantly, how your customers experience them. F5 load balancing solutions sit inline to your customer and application traffic providing actionable data to your operational teams for quicker time-to-resolution or more importantly, preventative issue mitigation.

Deliver Secure, Reliable, and Optimized Apps to Your Users

Diagram - Load balancing your applications

Protect and scale apps across any platform

Leverage F5’s full and reverse proxy architecture solutions for traffic management and distribution. Optimize, protect, and scale your applications across any platform. Get the intelligent and programmatic load balancing you need to securely optimize internal and external traffic.

How F5 Helps

Intelligent applications need intelligent traffic distribution

F5 makes it easy to integrate application services directly into your container management solutions, no matter where they’re hosted. As a result, DevOps, SecOps, and NetOps teams can keep applications and their distributed services up-to-date without slowing down development.

Ecosystem Integrations

Securely orchestrate and scale industry-leading load balancing traffic-management solutions. For containerized Openshift or Kubernetes environments, seamlessly plug in F5 solutions and lay the groundwork for advanced application delivery.