Increase Application and Infrastructure Resilience

Deliver adaptive applications with reliable and automatable cross-platform security and infrastructure solutions from F5

Strengthening Application and Infrastructure Resilience—and Customer Relationships

Unplanned application downtime or disruption isn’t just a hassle for running your business—it can lead to customer dissatisfaction, and even send them running to your competitors. That means downtime can lead to loss on multiple levels… but working with F5 can help you safeguard your infrastructure and applications, and lead to a more satisfying customer experience.

Automate and Scale Security

Ensure applications are scaling to meet customer demand, not artificial and malicious intent. You can deploy security features and traffic policies in the same continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) stream to protect applications as they’re deployed, reducing gaps between compliance and feature functionality.

Adaptive Resilience for Container and Clouds

Build adaptive apps anywhere with complete suite of security and application delivery solutions. F5 enables modern infrastructure to dynamically update and scale security, load balancing, and traffic optimization policies as applications expand and contract to meet customer needs. You can also reduce cost from unused resources with adaptable application technology from F5.

Deploy Anywhere with Multi-Cloud Connectivity

Leverage cloud agnostic applications and deploy across cloud providers to ensure your applications are closer to end users and distributed for a fast, reliable customer experience. F5 gives DevOps and PlatformOps teams the flexible infrastructure they need to ensure any application can be deployed anywhere, quickly and safely.

Where Secured Connectivity Meets Advanced Security

Diagram - Increase Application and Infrastructure Resilience

Strengthening the backend for frontend efficiency

Forty-eight of the Fortune 50 rely on F5 to handle and secure their customer connectivity. F5’s intelligent load balancing, advanced security, and cloud services enable reliability to deploy applications anywhere in the world. From on-premises to cloud-based container environments, F5 has a solution to meet your customer needs.

How F5 Helps

Move beyond basic load balancing to meet your modern application needs

With rich and flexible programmatic options across all F5 solutions, you can easily and rapidly develop adaptive traffic decisions, and then confidently deploy them across multiple applications. Take greater control of application and network traffic across all your application platforms.

Protect and optimize containerized applications

With microservices-based apps, you need solutions that are aligned with a highly dynamic and transient architecture. F5 makes it easy to integrate directly into the cluster management system regardless of where the app is hosted, allowing security and network teams to keep services running without slowing development.

Deliver better availability for global server load balancing

Improve the availability and reliability of your global applications by sending users to the closest or fastest endpoint—whether physical, virtual, or cloud environment—with F5 global server load balancing (GSLB). Stay always-on for your customers, even when entire regions go offline.

Prevent disruptive events to your applications and protect your customers

Distribution of architectures, cloud, and third-party integrations dramatically increase your applications’ threat surface. Vulnerabilities are released daily, and attackers are quickly weaponizing them in automation frameworks. Protect your applications and your customers from the unknown with F5.

Visualize your digital experience and solve issues before they impact your customers

Inspect and take fast action on detailed inline traffic, system, and services health metrics. Providing robust visibility into how applications behave, as a dynamic system instead of a series of endpoints, offers insight into your digital experience.

Ecosystem Integrations

The security and compliance issues that affect traditional data centers are also serious concerns with cloud and automation deployment models. F5 works with many of the world’s leading technology companies to improve manageability, strengthen security, and ensure faster, more successful deployments.



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Adaptive apps mitigate critical business challenges by delivering benefits that align to our customers’ most important priorities. We realize that enabling truly adaptive applications won’t happen overnight. It will be a journey—and it’s one that we’d like to be on with you.