Accelerating Application Performance and Reliability

Safely accelerate your applications to give customers scalable, repeatable, and reliable performance. 

Creating Extraordinary Digital Experiences Starts with Application Performance

Improving your digital experience means safely improving application performance. Uptime is no longer the primary statistic determining availability. Better performance means predicting and responding to customers’ needs fast and with the right solution. F5 can help.

Intelligently Direct Customer Traffic

Customers demand performance and reliability. F5 inline traffic solutions can secure, inspect, and route application traffic to any provider or platform your applications deploy ensuring your customers get results quickly and safely. F5 inline security and traffic optimization management allow your apps to meet customers anywhere, at speed and scale.

Scale Without Complexity

Scaling in a single cloud platform is easy. Scaling beyond a single provider can create complexities, slowing down time-to-market and response to customer needs. Benefit from cloud-agnostic performance solutions that provide common infrastructure-as-code configurations, no matter where you deploy.

Reduce Cost without Reducing Performance

The cloud made distributed applications easy. And made cost overrun easier. Make sure your apps are scaling in any cloud provider for the right reason with intelligent application delivery from F5. Cloud and container native solutions from F5 ensure even the most distributed applications can be secured, deployed, managed, and observed at scale.

Improving Customer Experiences at the Application Level

Diagram - Accelerating Application Performance

Optimizing speed and reliability

F5 can help you optimize application speed and reliability via network and application layers. By using real-time protocol and traffic-management decisions, you can dramatically improve application response across your app platforms. Additionally, powerful cryptographic performance enables flexible, reliable application delivery.

How F5 Helps

Respond with the right resources to keep customer applications running

Inspect, manage, and report with real-time protocol and traffic management decisions based on application and server conditions, extensive connection management, and TCP and content offloading, to dramatically improve application performance.

Let your applications worry about applications and let us worry about everything else

Implement SSL offloading to relieve infrastructure stress. Move the processing burden of decrypting and application traffic while improving application performance. Or re-encrypt (SSL Bridging) at a lower security policy to reduce the strain on your application services.

Boost the performance and reliability of application and network traffic with F5

Dramatically improve application response and user experience with HTTP/2 intelligent caching, connection optimization and management, and compression, all supporting inline intelligent traffic management. Give your application total awareness to control traffic for a superior customer experience.

Prevent malicious users from bogging down your application performance

Keep applications available, fast, and secure, safeguarding your cloud and infrastructure costs from unplanned increases. Make sure your applications are scaling up and out for the right reason – customer use – instead of reacting to malicious volumetric attacks.

Ecosystem Integrations

Enable your DevOps and NetOps to manage their application workloads and infrastructures across private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. Deliver faster and more scalable applications anywhere with F5’s technology partners.