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Gain unparalleled capacity and scalability while reducing CapEx and OpEx. The result is a high subscriber quality of experience and maximum profitability for service providers.

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Data traffic management

TCP Optimization

TCP traffic optimization focuses on enhancing the transmission control protocol (TCP), which accounts for the majority of internet traffic. The ideal TCP stack should maximize a subscriber’s quality of experience (QoE). To accomplish this, it must establish high goodput, minimize buffer bloat, and provide flow fairness.

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Context-aware policy management

Manage your network traffic with a wide range of policy enforcement capabilities based on subscriber application usage, traffic classification, and traffic patterns. This lets you steer traffic based on application, subscriber identity, or a combination of the two.

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Service function chaining

To deliver and monetize value-added services while making more efficient use of network resources, service functions can be virtualized with the support of dynamic service function chaining. This gives service providers the control to define service chains based on user subscription, application requirements, or network conditions.

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S/Gi Consolidation

The F5 solution for S/Gi network simplification is based on high-performance, highly scalable, carrier-grade hardware and software that integrate key S/Gi network functions into one platform. Adding and removing these services is easy, and the unified framework means there is a common technology to understand and manage—so you can significantly reduce total cost of ownership by deploying fewer devices and streamlining your network.

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F5 S/Gi Network Simplification Architecture Overview


5 Strategies to Optimize your Network

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