F5 Application Traffic Insight

Visualize traffic and personas of web application clients

Gain incredible insights by visualizing, characterizing, and understanding human and non-human web-app traffic flows.

Quickly Gain Insight into Malicious Bot Traffic

Collect, learn, and analyze insights about human, good bot, and bad bot clients accessing your web app properties.


Quickly empower security teams to see what they are missing by understanding web-app traffic flows and client personas—in minutes.

Leverages real-time ML and AI intelligence within the F5 Bot Defense platform.

High-efficacy digital fingerprinting identifies returning web client patterns from new edge devices.

Rapidly verifies and isolates human activity from sophisticated non-human synthetic traffic.

Intelligently correlates geolocation signals to identify suspicious variations in behavior.

Why F5 Application Traffic Insight (ATI)?

Near-zero code deployment

Simple to deploy. Download the intelligent JavaScript module.

Superior signal telemetry

A telemetry engine that gathers thousands of client-side non-PII signals.

Sophisticated obfuscation protection

Built on F5’s unique, unbreakable, constantly randomized obfuscation.

Web-scale asynchronous I/O

High-speed, low latency, asynchronous page loads and API I/O.

Machine Learning and AI powered

ATI runs on the F5 Bot Defense cloud platform where ML and AI services process client signals in real-time.

See what you’re missing

Gain precise visibility into what matters most, effortlessly identifying malicious bot traffic.

Platform Overview

ATI delivers a lite-preview experience into the trusted F5 Bot Defense platform

Global web application traffic visibility
Sophisticated JavaScript bot traffic is characterized and analyzed in detail.

Near-zero code deployment and activation
Installation and deployment are achieved by injecting a single line of web app code.

Up and running in 30 minutes or less
Rapidly deployable as a self-service tool, ATI augments your existing fraud, bot management, and security analytics tools.

Mobile, browser, and API traffic flow visibility
Analyze and visualize legitimate and malicious, human or synthetic traffic flows and app behavior for any web app.

ATI Overview Bot Assesment Diagram

View traffic personas and analytics

Analyze detailed traffic signals and telemetry.

Identify suspected bots and security issues

Analyze potential attack vectors and fraud types.

Capture client-side device details

Characterize client details with drill-down charts.

Gain real-time client session stats and insights

See computed analytics, savings, and ROI insights.

Application Traffic Insight Use Cases

Insights across heterogeneous cloud environments, networks, and application layers provide a full view of application and infrastructure performance, security, and health.

Visualize Traffic Personas

Visualize human and non-human web application client behavior.

Analyze Traffic Flow Posture

Scrutinize mobile, web, and API traffic-flow friction elements.

Gain Insights

Characterize positive, negative, and malicious client behavior.

Identify suspicious attack vectors

Observe and validate suspicious web application client patterns.

Ways to Deploy

Getting started with Application Traffic Insight is easy and free.

  1. Create a free F5 Cloud account. 
  2. Confirm your account.
  3. Log in and enable the ATI Cloud Service.
  4. Download the ATI JavaScript module.
  5. Inject the ATI module into your web applications.

Need help? F5 Support is available 24x7. 

ATI is powered by and integrates with the trusted F5 Bot Defense platform.

ATI Bot Defense plateform diagram

Next Steps


Request a trial and we will contact you to discuss next steps.

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