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Secure data sharing with end-to-end encryption for free

Securely share your critical data while ensuring compliance. Simplify end-to-end encryption. Make your existing collaboration tools more secure.

Protect Critical Information Sharing and Collaboration

VoltShare lets you protect your data with confidence, enhancing privacy protection and ensuring data integrity while minimizing the risk of access by untrustworthy sources.

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Without data encryption, your private information and sensitive data is at risk. You need protection that enhances the security between client apps and servers and mitigates the risk of unauthorized access.

Data leakage

Data leakage

Unauthorized parties can access sensitive data in transit through unsecure channels.

Unsecured devices

Unsecured devices

Without device-level encryption, the vulnerability of data stored on your device increases.

Encryption key management

Encryption key management

Maintenance of public keys and local protection of private keys increases exposure risks.

Why VoltShare?

Compliance and end-to-end control

Simplify compliance through automated logs and auditability for all shared data, including successful and failed decryption attempts. Maintain enterprise-level control of shared data through policy overrides.

Policy-based access and control

Control access using just an email address—nothing else—and establish the policy you want to enforce and monitor. Then confidently share information with an individual or groups of people.

Make your collaboration tools more secure

Share your confidential information like you do today, with Slack, email, Dropbox, SharePoint, etc. But with confidence that you have an extra layer of encryption and security policy enforcement, as well as no shared passwords or keys to worry about.

Platform Overview

Securely share any sensitive file or data

Send and store confidential information with end-to-end encryption that eliminates the age-old problem of shared secrets and public key management. Maximize privacy of your information and protect against eavesdropping, compromised data, and errors.

Connects, secures, and manages apps in the cloud, on-prem, at the edge, or in F5 data centers

End-to-end encryption

Ensure security of information being transferred from one end system or device to another.

Maximize privacy

Data can only be accessed by the sender and the intended recipient(s).

Increase protection

Unwanted third parties cannot access the encrypted data.

VoltShare Use Cases

Get an overview of how to use the VoltShare app to securely share or store data with your favorite collaboration tools like Slack or Dropbox.

Learn how VoltShare’s enterprise secure collaboration and governance capabilities help meet compliance, provide visibility, and clear audits easily.

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