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“By deploying multi-function equipment with the capabilities of DDoS protection, load balancing, and SSL visibility, we simplified the network...”

Seong Kil Kim, Hansung University    


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LANDBANK Enhances Digital Customer Experience and Protects Against Cyberthreats with F5

LANDBANK —one of the largest and most trusted banks in the Philippines—embarked on a digital transformation journey to establish a consistent user experience, provide steady application performance and mitigate cybersecurity threats. By partnering with F5, LANDBANK enhanced the security of customer data while strengthening its digital banking services.

City of Bellevue delivers future-forward mobility, security, and compliance with F5

Like many modern cities, the City of Bellevue’s digital needs have grown. To improve remote access for employees, increase website security and capacity, maintain compliance with federal regulations and industry standards, and position itself for future growth, the city turned to F5’s BIG-IP platform and suite of solutions.

Manitoba Hydro Cuts Costs, Seamlessly Transitions Energy Customers to New Authentication Platform with F5 + WBM

Manitoba Hydro, a Canadian energy provider, had outgrown the authentication platform its customers used to access some of its online applications. F5 partner WBM expanded the utility’s existing F5 security solutions to help the organization seamlessly transition to a more cost-effective and sustainable platform.

Bank Leumi Protects its Customers From Online and Mobile Banking Fraud

Bank Leumi selected F5® WebSafe™ and F5® MobileSafe™ to shield its customers from an increasingly sophisticated array of phishing techniques and malware which could paralyse banking activities and defraud account holders.

Yokogawa Electric Chooses F5 Solution for Secure Authentication of Services Offered Via AWS

Yokogawa Electric provides services for remotely maintaining systems deployed at customer sites worldwide. It chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) to optimize services delivery, and an F5 solution that works with a legacy scheme to ensure secure user authentication—while better accommodating mobile users.

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