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Minsheng Bank partners with F5 to create an industry-leading, unified containerized architecture

To keep up with the acceleration of digital transformation in the financial industry, the Bank adopted containerized environments to increase efficiency and speed up deployments. With F5, the Bank unified its legacy application services with its modern, digital transformation-driven containerized apps.

UTI Asset Management Company Ltd remains at the industry forefront with F5 security solutions

To navigate through digital transformation and the complex Financial Services landscape, UTI turned to F5 Silverline DDoS Protection, a Managed Security Service, and Advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) to secure its premises and transactions while ensuring uninterrupted service availability.

F5 Customer Conversations: Kinecta Federal Credit Union

Kinecta, a credit union located in Manhattan Beach, California, chats with F5's Chad Davis to explain how they battled ongoing fraud attacks and protected their customers' information with Silverline Shape Defense.

Menora Mivtachin Insurance Accelerates Digital Transformation with F5

Menora, one of Israel’s oldest and largest insurance and financial companies, partnered with F5 to accelerate its journey from a legacy monolithic platform to a microservices and API-based system.

Large University Fortifies Security with F5 to Deliver Seamless Higher Learning Experience

A large Australian university leveraged F5’s suite of application security solutions to protect against cyber attacks and provide a seamless experience for its instructors, domestic and international students.

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