Essential App Protect Service

Take the complexity out of safeguarding your applications with F5’s Essential App Protect Service—feature-rich, checkbox-simple SaaS security for web apps deployed in any cloud.

Introducing F5 Essential App Protect integrated with Amazon CloudFront CDN. Simple, high performance without sacrificing security.  Learn more ›

Powered by NGINX

The Essential App Service draws on the traffic management proficiencies of NGINX, F5’s cloud-native ADC solution for delivering consistent app security and performance at scale across cloud platforms.

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Our world has changed

Your customers are the foundation of your business. In the midst of uncertainty, help keep them secure with Essential App Protect—simple SaaS security for web apps in any cloud.

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Essential App Protect shields your web-facing apps—as a service—without sacrificing speed and agility.  

Within minutes of activation, your app will have out-of-the-box protection against common web exploits, malicious IPs, and coordinated attacks—no security expertise required. Tight integration with F5 Labs threat intelligence ensures that Essential App Protect utilizes real-time insights to defend your app from evolving threat vectors.  

Our expertise, your peace of mind

We’ve pre-configured this SaaS service using our 20+ years of networking and security expertise, so that it can be activated with a few UI clicks or API calls. There’s no hardware or software to manage, and deployment can be easily dropped into a DevOps toolchain to deliver basic security controls for any app.  

Developers can protect their app or tune web application firewall (WAF) configuration features through the rich declarative API or an intuitive user interface. And with an actionable threat map, developers have the ability to view threat origination data, immediately respond to events, or send alerts to their security operations teams.  


IT agility enables developers and operations to go faster and to unleash creativity—unhindered by the burdens of provisioning app infrastructure and resources. The trick is balancing the need for app delivery speed with business requirements to stay secure and compliant. 

Learn how SaaS-based Essential App Protect can provide simple security for web apps within minutes.    

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Defend your apps with WAF protection

Guard against OWASP Top 10 attacks such as SQL injections and cross-site scripting with minimal false positives.

Automatically mitigate high-risk attacks

Intelligent, probability-based rating controllers identify and block malicious requests without impacting legitimate traffic.

Track and respond to the evolving threat landscape

Recognize and eliminate targeted attacks by using real-time F5 Labs threat intelligence data. 

Eliminate malicious IPs and automate security decisions

IP reputation engine drives dynamic updates that proactively stops traffic from allowlisted IPs.  

See current threats with the live map display

Get live visualization of the app threat-scape in an interactive map. Drill into each threat for details and mitigation options.   

Reduce expenses and increase app security

No hardware or software—plus automatic updates—allows you to reduce the resources required to manage security controls across your apps. 

Use an intuitive web interface or APIs

Leverage the simple, modern UI or automate everything with declarative APIs for DevOps toolchain integration. 

Optimize app performance with low latency

Essential App Protect is built on a global data plane that enables co-location of app protection services near your cloud-based apps.


Two factors determine pricing for Essential App Protect Service:

  1. The total number of endpoints configured for all of your protected applications
  2. The cumulative data transfer of requests and responses processed through the service for your endpoints

The 15-day free trial gives you all the features and protections of a subscription—only sizes and quantities are limited, as shown below. When the trial period ends, standard service pricing applies. Unsubscribe from the service at any time to cancel.

  • Endpoints: No more than 5 subscriptions (5 FQDNs to be protected)
  • Bandwidth: 15 GB per FQDN (subscription) per day


Start today

Get immediate protection against common exploits, malicious IPs, and coordinated attacks. 

Frequently asked questions

Access comprehensive product support documentation, tutorials, release notes, and subscription information.

Protect your web app in under 5 minutes

Read a technical review of the minimal steps required to secure a web app.  

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