Load Balancing Your Applications

Keep your applications running at peak performance with intelligent and programmable application traffic management. 

Why Intelligent Load Balancing Matters

Traditional ways of load balancing are not well suited for today’s application complexity. As organizations increasingly automate application deployments, they need fast and intelligent load balancing that can do more than handle external client connections.

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How F5 Can Help

Leverage F5’s full and reverse proxy architecture solutions for traffic management and distribution. Optimize, protect, and scale your applications across any platform. Get the intelligent and programmatic load balancing you need to securely optimize internal and external traffic.


Explore F5 Solutions

Industry-Defining Load Balancing

Never outgrow your traffic management solution with F5

Whether you choose on-premise or in the cloud, or go with the flexibility of NGINX for your microservices needs, F5 offers a traffic management solution for all your needs. F5 provides protocol and application traffic awareness for intelligent load balancing decisions.

BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM)

Obtain the flexible control you need from basic load balancing to complex traffic management decisions.

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Get access to enterprise-grade features including session persistence, API configuration, and active health checks.

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Distribute user requests based on service conditions, app performance, and other factors with F5's global server load balancing solution.

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NGINX Controller

Empower DevOps with the raw power and efficiency of NGINX Plus as an API gateway with control‑plane functionality.

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Intelligent Programmatic Traffic Management

Grow beyond basic load balancing to meet your modern application needs

With rich and flexible programmatic options across all F5 solutions, you can easily and rapidly develop adaptive traffic decisions and then confidently deploy them across multiple applications. Take greater control of application and network traffic across all your application platforms.


BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM)

Adapt to app delivery challenges—from defeating zero-day attacks to cloning app requests—across any environment.

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Deploy custom architectures with NGIX JavaScript Module, Lua scripting language, and a modern API for managing upstream services.

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F5 iRules

Enable programmatic analysis, manipulation, and detection of application and network traffic.

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F5 Automation Toolchain

Make it faster and easier to deploy and configure F5 application services via simple yet powerful declarative interfaces.

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Containers and Microservices

Intelligent applications need intelligent traffic distribution

F5 makes it easy to integrate application services directly into your container management solutions, no matter where they’re hosted. As a result, DevOps, SecOps, and NetOps teams can keep applications and their distributed services up-to-date without slowing down development.

NGINX Ingress Controller for Kubernetes

Provide enterprise‑grade delivery services for Kubernetes applications, with benefits for both NGINX and NGINX Plus users.

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BIG-IP Container Ingress Services

Integrate container orchestration to dynamically create protocol and app services and balance traffic accordingly.

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Ecosystem Integrations

Deliver intelligent load balancing solutions anywhere your applications run

Securely orchestrate and scale industry-leading load balancing traffic-management solutions. For containerized Openshift or Kubernetes environments, seamlessly plug in F5 solutions and lay the groundwork for advanced application delivery.

Red Hat

Automate, scale, and secure application workloads across your diverse application platforms.

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Manage application workloads and infrastructures across private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.

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Aspen Mesh

Enable enterprises to get the full functionality of a service mesh,with the certainty they need to run in production.

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