Protect App Infrastructure

Apps are only as secure as the infrastructure on which they run. Proactively defend your application architecture.

Why App Infrastructure Protection Matters

When it’s too much trouble to break into the front door of an application, attackers target underlying infrastructure with digital weapons such as denial-of-service, encrypted malware, and laterally spreading ransomware. The end result? Downtime, compromise, and a damaged brand.

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Increased Visibility

Protect critical protocols and gain multi-cloud observability through decryption and telemetry analysis from cloud workloads wherever they are deployed.

Effective Detection

Get real-time protection with retrospective analysis across billions of data points collected daily, with context and workflow to speed remediation.


Combine performance and agility to maintain uptime and automate the insights-to-policy protection loop.

Ecosystem Integration

Integrate with your security tools, SIEM, and cloud provider platforms to collect and curate actionable insights.

Protect Web App and API Architectures

Protect App Infrastructure diagram

Protecting apps requires observability across the entire infrastructure on which apps are built, deployed, and operated—which is increasingly a decentralized, distributed, multi-cloud architecture.

How F5 Helps

Protect workloads from threats that target provider APIs, VMs, containers

Prevent misconfiguration and malicious executables that escalate privileges, move laterally, harvest credentials, spoof container images, run cryptominers, and exfiltrate sensitive data

Achieve comprehensive visibility and protection

Attackers constantly look for ways to slip through the cracks and evade detection. F5 solutions provide centralized decryption across the entire security ecosystem to mitigate encrypted threats.

Prevent attacks on critical DNS infrastructure

Denial-of-service and hijacking attacks on DNS threaten the availability of your apps. With BIG-IP DNS, you can prevent downtime, compromise, and cache poisoning at scale.

Mitigate denial-of-service attacks on underlying app infrastructure

Organizations of all sizes run the risk of being hit with denial-of-service attacks. Keep the lights on with DDoS mitigation that makes sense for your business.

Ecosystem Integrations

F5 integrates with an expansive number of technology companies to deliver extraordinary digital experiences.

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