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State of Application Services 2019: Applications Drive Decisions in a Digital Economy

Diving into application services alone is (almost) always interesting. But delving into the applications, environments, trends, and technology that drive organizations to use an average of 16 different applications services gives us a valuable glimpse of what IT and business will look like in the next year.

The Evolving Trends in Application Services: A 5-Year Review

Five years ago, the industry was questioning the role of traditional IT – today IT organizations are embracing cloud and investing in the skills and toolsets required for automation. Cindy Borovick looks back at the industry’s progression in the context of the just released 2019 State of Application Services report.

The State of Application Services 2019: Will Cloud Lose its Crown?

Lori MacVittie comments on the role of cloud and application services in the context of F5’s upcoming State of Application Services report. In all its forms—public, on-premises private, and SaaS—cloud has maintained its place of strategic importance, impacting the application services deployed, the tools and technologies used to automate and orchestrate IT, and even in the evolution of team structures inside organizations. Will this year continue the trend?

The Myth of a Single Pane of Glass

Lori MacVittie: For as long as I can remember—which is a long time—the siren call of a single pane of glass through which to view and operate infrastructure has lured IT. Like the Holy Grail, it has never been discovered and a good many IT professionals have become cynics as to its existence.

BIG-IP Cloud Edition is Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Previously available for AWS and VMware environments, BIG-IP Cloud Edition’s support for Azure gives customers another easy-to-buy, ready-to-use solution for delivering application availability, performance, visibility, and security.

Three Common Beliefs about Serverless You Can Ignore

Serverless is the rising darling of the cloud world, but it's often misunderstood and attributed with almost supernatural powers to reduce costs, speed time to value, and make you breakfast in bed. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also frequently conflated with Function as a Service (FaaS).

Empower DevOps Pipelines with Container Ingress App Services

The growth of container app development incorporated into DevOps pipelines is nearing peak adoption across the app landscape, but some challenges persist. F5 declarative automation and orchestration solutions combined with ecosystem integrations are capable of delivering app services anywhere, including as Ingress into container environments.

F5 Friday: Ingress versus ingress

As the worlds of DevOps and NetOps collide and container environments subsume definitions traditionally used in the network, let’s explore the use of the often-confusing term "ingress" in terms of the data path and container environments.

Honoring F5’s Top Partners in North America

Regional VP of Channels Lisa Citron congratulates the winners of the 2018 North America Partners of the Year Awards, recognizing the exceptional performance of strategic resellers, service providers, and distributors in providing training, solutions, and support to further extend the value of F5 technologies for customers.

How Hardware Can Improve Application Security

Ankita Bhalla revisits the importance of understanding the industry’s use of third-party hardware, highlighting F5’s iHealth and new Remote Attestation for TPM Chain of Custody feature as examples of how F5 helps keep you and your applications protected.