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HTTP/3 Will Bring Significant Changes and Challenges

Given the slow but steady adoption of HTTP/2 and the security challenges posed by HTTP/3, the latter is likely to face a long, uphill road to adoption for the foreseeable future.

The Struggle of DevSecOps: Takeaways from DevSecCon Singapore 2019

Keiichiro Nozaki reflects on DevSecCon Singapore 2019 and the evolving roles of DevOps and Security teams, as well as the benefits of collaboration for both.

MTTR is not "Mean Time to Reboot"

Fail fast is the mantra of speed today. Whether DevOps or business, the premise of operating in a digital economy demands uptime as close to perfect as you can get it.

F5 continues to drive application and security innovation with Hewlett Packard Enterprise for Microsoft Azure Stack

F5 collaboration drives deeper integration for greater application services, development and security across Microsoft Azure Stack environments

Application Service Deployment Plans Influenced by Team Structure

Team structure matters. Not just because of the need to encourage a more collaborative culture, but because of the way it impacts decisions - including technology choices.

A Letter to F5 Employees from CEO François Locoh-Donou Announcing NGINX Acquisition

I am thrilled to announce we have signed an agreement to acquire the open source leader in application delivery, NGINX.

Function as a (More Secure) Service

Microservices and Function as a Service (FaaS) often facilitate Agile development because a relatively small team can design, develop, and then refine a service much more quickly than they can a large, monolithic application. But there's another interesting benefit of microservices and FaaS that isn't being touted as much as it should: security.

State of Application Services 2019: Majority Will Not Deploy without Security

For five years we've asked thousands of respondents across every role in IT and around the world a simple question: What one thing would you never deploy an application without? In other words, what's the most important thing you can provide for your applications?

Kickstart Your Move to 5G Services without Abandoning 4G Investments

No one wants to abandon the substantial investments made in 4G, but no one wants to fall behind in the race to deliver 5G either.

F5 Friday: API Security with F5 and 3scale

By layering an F5 Advanced WAF in front of a 3scale API gateway, you can benefit from additional security measures that include the use of IP intelligence to identify threats faster and more accurately, the ability to offer a secure API façade internally or externally, and protection against a variety of application layer attacks.