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Optimizing Your Application Capital with Application Services

SVP Kara Sprague explores the emergence of Application Capital in the context of customer expectations, industry trends, and F5 innovations.

The IP Address as Identity is Lazy Security

The association of a singular identity with an IP address is so tightly ingrained in our heads that we tend to apply it to other areas of technology. Even when it’s utterly ineffective.

NetOps Almost Meeting DevOps in the Automation Race

The data shows that despite the challenges inherent in automation, NetOps aren't nearly as far behind as some posit.

Leaders and Laggards in Cloud: It’s all about the Application Services

Sometimes I love reading commentary from El Reg on IT and technology. Delivered with just the right amount of bite, their bark is often right on target. Other times, though, they miss the mark.

“Props” to our Partners for the Strong Value Prop

One of the interesting things about the cyber security industry is the degree to which vendors essentially wind up on the same side.

Size Matters (But not that Much) in Network Automation

So says the data. It would be easy to dismiss the importance of network automation by claiming that the size of your organization

Using F5 BIG-IP to Eliminate Tiers When Scaling Apps in Containers

Or is that ‘tears’ of frustration? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Perhaps it’s both. There is a relationship between network and application architectures. Usually we like to talk about how changes and shifts in application architectures impact the...

Availability is a Diversion and We are Falling for It

In a more balanced world, application users would have the same level of concern for the security of their data as they do for their access to it.

How to Prepare for Cloud-to-Cloud Migration

Oh yes. It’s happening. Consider making it a part of your overarching cloud strategy to make the process less painful. What do the following have in common? Salmon, Canadian Geese, Monarch butterflies, and applications. If you guessed all of...