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On-premises or in the cloud? Protecting legacy apps or modern ones? Great user experience or security? Don’t settle for or. Choose and. Delight your customers and protect their data. Secure apps, APIs, and infrastructure. Reduce complexity and create opportunities to do more with your business.

For over 25 years, the world’s most prominent organizations have depended on F5 to ensure their customers have exceptional, secure digital experiences. Our solutions maximize protection and reduce risk across all apps – legacy and modern; reduce false positives and automate security policies across environments; and defend against threats before anyone even knows they exist.

Our Customers:


of the Fortune 5001


of Top 10 Global Telecom Companies2


of the Top 15 Global Commercial Banks1

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Secure Your Apps and APIs – Wherever They Live

F5 security solutions protect apps and APIs against critical risks, such as threats listed in the OWASP Top 10, mitigating pervasive exploits like Log4j quickly in front of vulnerable applications. These solutions—including WAFs, API security, and DDoS mitigation—protect apps and APIs across architectures, clouds, and ecosystem integrations, reducing risk and operational complexity while accelerating digital transformation and reducing total cost of app security. Plus, we have a solution that fits every consumption model: hardware, software, SaaS, or hybrid.

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Detect Bots, Fraud, and Abuse

F5 application security solutions effectively mitigate malicious bots and automation without inserting friction such as CAPTCHA into your customer experience. Using machine learning, F5 deters automated attacks and manual fraud by accurately determining truth and intent for critical endpoints and transactions across the user journey.

The same technology also prevents manual attacks used by fraudsters to impersonate real customers across the entire user journey. The F5 collective defense network protects the biggest brands in the world and adapts to maintain resilience no matter how attackers retool to evade detection.

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Our Customers:


of the Top 10 U.S. Securities Companies1


of the Top 10 Global Retail Companies5


Executive Departments of the U.S. Cabinet4

Protect Application Infrastructure

Apps are only as secure as the infrastructure they run on. As environments expand across clouds to the edge, and the network perimeter becomes a digital fabric, consistent and adaptive security is critical to prevent blind spots.

Multi-vector denial of service, encrypted malware, and cloud workload intrusions can result in outages, data breach, and overwhelmed security teams – probing at weaknesses in an inconsistently configured, multi-vendor defense.

F5 provides a strategic control point that enables the visibility and consistent policy enforcement necessary to mitigate sophisticated cyberattacks that target application infrastructure—whether apps are deployed in 3-tier web stacks, microservices, across clouds, or at the edge – and fitting natively into zero trust architectures.

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2 Forbes Global 2000
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5 NRF – National Retail Federation