Establishing 5G Security

Protecting your network and your customers from cyberattacks from the 5G core to the far edge.

Navigating the Complexities of 5G Networks with Risk in Mind

While the sophistication of 5G networks come with many benefits, they’re also infinitely more connected—which comes with all new risks. The growth in connected devices increases the threat landscape. Among service providers, 67% are implementing or plan to implement 5G security by the end of 2021.1 It’s important to get with the times, but it’s equally important to have security in place. What’s your 5G security plan? F5 can help you figure it out.

5G Security Benefits

Increased traffic visibility, increased network control, and real-time anomaly detection.

API Gateways Guard Your 5G NEF and Edge

F5 is the only vendor that can deliver API management, high-performance API gateways, and advanced security controls all in one solution.

Comprehensive Suite of Security Solutions

Consolidated security solution for your 5G N6-LAN with Edge FW, DDoS, CGNAT, and DNS services.

Lock Down Your 5G Network

Diagram illustrating 5g security

With comprehensive and adaptable security solutions

5G’s unique security challenges demand innovative security solutions. F5 provides service providers with comprehensive 5G security solutions to protect networks from core to far edge, defending against sophisticated fraud and abuse. Protect your customers with a reliable and high-performing network.

How F5 Helps

Control critical signaling security, congestion management, and overload issues

Service providers need to resolve the challenges that come with massively increased signaling traffic volume for both 4G and 5G traffic. F5 is a leader in signaling security, congestion management, load balancing, and overload control with a range of Diameter, GTP, SIP, and HTTP signaling solutions.

Reduce TCO by 60% by consolidating your security functions on your N6 LAN

The F5 consolidated, virtual N6 LAN lets you optimize, secure, and monetize your network. It integrates the widest range of services—from CGNAT and DDoS protection to TCP and video optimization—into a single platform with a unified framework that simplifies service management.

Securing 5G infrastructure in a multi-cloud, distributed, Kubernetes-based network

Apply security controls at multiple points and across multiple layers in your network. Implement security at container ingress—enabling packet capture—and shield traffic with DDoS protection and SmartNIC firewall to keep bad traffic out.

Security, performance, and scale for any delivery model

The explosive growth of APIs is driving new markets for both API gateways and API security. APIs that are not secure or poorly coded can expose the core services to unwanted attacks, placing the entire 5G network at risk. Get the security and control you need to mitigate API security threats.

More connected devices means more attacks on inherent vulnerabilities

Everyday actions are signaling posts for fraud and attacks. Security must adapt to attackers that can retool to bypass countermeasures. Shape delivers dedicated, outcome-driven defenses that protect the most critical assets from automated attacks and imitation attempts emulating human behavior.


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