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Cloud Isn't Finished Disrupting the Data Center

Cloud showed us a better way to onboard, provision, and operate network and application infrastructure—aspects that have been steadily pushing their way into the data centers of organizations worldwide. But the digital transformation that began with cloud is now seeping into on-premises systems to bring about something far more interesting: the breakup of the network.

F5 SSL Orchestrator and Cisco Firepower NGFW: Better Together

Coupled with Cisco Firepower series’ threat mitigation and performance capabilities, SSL Orchestrator performs the computationally heavy workload of decrypting traffic before distributing it to other devices in a security stack, so those same security devices are now able to cost-effectively scale.

Just How Big is the Appetite for Application Development Modernization?

Keiichiro Nozaki, regional marketing architect/evangelist, recently attended the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2018 Asia Pacific on the Gold Coast, and asks the question: How many organizations are ready for digital transformation?

NetOps Need Advocates not Adversaries

It’s important to recognize that it’s not always NetOps teams that get in the way of deploying the latest thing/app/service. Impediments to speed are often due to a failure to adopt all the premises of DevOps as organizations seek to transform IT operations.

Application Services for Kubernetes Applications: Same Old New

A KubeCon dispatch from F5’s Robert Haynes: One of the enabling technologies behind the adoption of platforms and working practices has been the systems that link intent to action in an automated, integrated way. Application services have to be part of this chain, and this represents a more fundamental shift than simply a change in runtimes.

Top 10, Top 10 Predictions for 2019

It’s the time of year when crystal balls get a viewing and many pundits put out their annual predictions for the coming year. Peter Silva collects his picks of notable prediction lists making the rounds as 2018 comes to a close, along with brief commentary on each.

Bringing Management and Automation Together

This week sees the release of BIG-IQ 6.1, the latest evolution of F5’s management platform. Dan Schrader walks through the benefits of this new version, focusing on declarative technology for automating the delivery of network services, as well as updated security reporting and dashboards.

Protecting Machine Identity with Venafi and F5

With “machine identities,” we’re simply talking about how to ensure that an automated process can identify itself, and how other automated systems and processes grant the appropriate level of access to relevant resources. This concept is not new. What is relatively new is the scale at which it needs to be implemented.

Service Meshes and App Modernization

Lori MacVittie: There remains a tendency to equate containers with microservices. And by equate, I mean “use interchangeably.” This is a bad assumption.

Leveraging Developers to Accelerate Your Application Capital Through Containerization

SVP Kara Sprague discusses the increasingly important role of containers amidst developer scarcity in the age of Application Capital, also noting F5’s just released open beta for Aspen Mesh, a fully-supported service mesh built on Istio.