Articles by Jim MacLeod

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Published: Jan 5, 2022
Rather than a one-time lift-and-shift, deploying to the cloud has become another option in the app deployment lifecycle, and applications are evolving to make better use of resources by being “cloud-native.” As organizations are increasingly adopting multiple clouds and mutli-cloud, it’s important to ask what other aspects also need to change in the apps and operations realm.
Published: Dec 17, 2021
What do you do when SD-WAN over the Internet isn’t enough? Move that automation to a physical network and connect it everywhere.
Published: Dec 9, 2021
As distributed modern apps become more common, so will app to app connections, such as hybrid cloud, cloud to cloud, and edge to cloud. Scalable architectures will require a method of dealing with IP overlap that can cleanly be automated.
Published: Nov 8, 2021
Services like AWS Transit Gateway have significantly simplified cloud networking. F5's Volterra further extends the concept of multi-tiered hub-and-spoke networking to the global level, effectively functioning as a multi-cloud transit gateway to connect public and private clouds.