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IT Ops Must go Beyond Scripting to Automation

The goal of automation in almost any industry focuses on optimization and eliminating bottlenecks. In the world of IT, that typically means addressing the in-between steps of an operational process.

Day 0 was Day 1 of Development

From day one of development through post-deployment, the choices we make regarding the security of the entire application stack play out with far-reaching consequences.

A Few Best Things About the New F5 Labs Site

A closer look at recent enhancements to the F5 Labs site, and how the team is improving access to application security and threat analysis research.

Enhanced Performance and Security in Microsoft Azure Stack with F5 and Hewlett Packard Enterprise

For many IT groups, the pressure to migrate to public clouds is immense. An F5 collaboration simplifies applications running across Microsoft Azure Stack regions into a consolidated infrastructure for business operations.

F5 Networks Named a 2019 TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor

F5 is highlighted in this year’s 2019 TAG Cyber Security Annual, designed to provide advisory guidance to security professionals.

Wanted: Your Perspective on the State of Application Services

The evolution of F5’s annual survey now emphasizes the application services you need rather than the platforms you use to deliver them. Learn more and participate in the survey today!

Integration an Obstacle to Achieving Continuous Deployment

APIs are not integration. They are a means to implement integration. And judging by the challenges seen in the industry, they aren’t enough for IT to get continuous.

Application Services Update: Sensitive Services may be Accessible

It’s time again to dig into the application services organizations are actually using to make apps faster and safer.

Containers, APIs, and Security Rule Two

Lori MacVittie comments on a recent report from Lacework highlighting the need to reiterate one of the common core security rules: Thou Shalt Not Leave Admin Consoles Open